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Welcome to Matty Rayson music! here you can find out about all of my happening to do with music. like, did you know i am near a distinction for my Music piece? Did you know i'm looking at venues to hold mini concerts? This is where you find out all the stuff! Hope you enjoy the website and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!



Him & His Shadow.

Matty is teaming up with Joe Blakemore to record the one and only 'Me & My Shadow'. If all goes well Matty will be inviting him up on stage to sing the suet live at one of his concerts. You'll be able to buy the single for 99p on the Merch page.



Matty Rayson rocks the Sage?

I have emailed the Sage Gateshead, where i started, asking about prices of things, including in-ear monitoring, which will help a lot. Hopefully it'll be good news i'll keep you guys posted!




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